Shared Stories



This well travelled and smartly spoken young man had hours of stories to share aged 7. 

Remember being young and getting really excited about almost anything? When trying to tell stories you couldn't speak fast enough to get the words out of your mouth?

Constraining Mikey's energy and excitement was a challenge from the start. His mother is a Doctor of Public Health and his Father is a Medicinal Doctor. Imagine what this kid will do if he puts his boundless energy towards studies one day.

My name is Katie, I'm 7 years old and I love my dad.



Dad, I loved it when we... Were given responsibility well beyond our years. Growing up on the farm life was very different to my life now in the city.  


Dad, I loved it when we... Would go to GrandaPa's farm and spend quality family time together. One of my favourite memories is when us boys would gang up on you in our rock fruit and tomato wars and watch you get hyped up for losing! Was always such a good laugh. I have so many fond memories of our family time as a kid and I thank you for instilling those qualities in me from a young age. Happy Father's Day.


Dad, I loved it when we... Would ride the motorbikes around the paddocks and round up the sheep. This vivid memory of mum stacking the quad with the kids has stuck with me and the way we reacted was priceless. I want to say I love you, thank you for all you have done and I look forward to many more happy years! 



 Dad, I loved it when we... Would brave the freezing cold Winter months of Ottawa and every Sunday we would head up the mountains skiing in Mont Tomblan, followed by Poutine for lunch! I remember as a kid you would hold me between your legs as we would glide down the mountain, ever so un-graciously. P.S I don't think I apologised for all the times I left my socks and gloves behind - Love Dominique