What size am I?

We have a sizing chart attached to each of our product pages where you can measure our sizings against those of your jeans. For Mr. Visionary, round up a size as they are a tight fit. 

Why only underwear?

Selling Men's underwear is just our vehicle for change. The success of GENT will see a greener future with better customer service and convenience. We don't need a full fashion line to get our message across, we just do the basics well. 

Do you ship outside Australia?

What if my product never came?
We use precautionary measures to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately sometimes shipments do get lost en-route. With the help of our shipping courier, we will be able to find or replace your lost parcel. 

How do i enter a Promo code?

Once your product has been added to cart and you have entered your delivery details, you will enter your promo code above your credit card details.