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We believe that happiness comes as a result of a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy environment. 

For that reason we work with BeyondBlue and give 10% of profits to help those struggling. We selected this organisation because we aren't big enough to manage our own ground team or run our own workshops yet. We share values with BeyondBlue and support the impact they have throughout Australia. 

We give people access to the best resources Australia has to offer because we want to spread happiness. Smear smiles across the faces of those who believe they can and empower individuals to be their best self.


We also promote healthy lifestyle decisions and have access to industry professionals for those who wish. Your health is worth more to you than you realise.

During our first year of operation we have partnered with BeyondBlue, find out more or donate here.

We are actively looking to be involved in community initiatives and partnerships with similar, like-minded businesses and individuals. Consider this an open invitation to all of those who wish to leave this world a better place. We may have job opportunities, or you can share your ideas with us via email or social media – together we can challenge the status quo.