To Thailand, from Australia.

Hey Dad,


It’s been a while since I actually wrote a proper letter to you. I’d like to take this Father’s Day as a chance to take us back and share some of my favourite moments with you.


  1. Dad, I loved it when you cooked me omelette in the morning. It is my favourite dish ever. It has the softness and taste that I would not be able to get it from anywhere else. I can never have enough of it.
  2. Dad, I loved it when you bought me a notebook so I kept track of my expense. It taught me the value of money and helped me reflect on what I spent on. I became an adult today who is aware of what I should spend money on today because of that.
  3. Dad, I loved it when you showed me and others how much you respect grandma. It taught me that we became who we are today and have come this far because of our parents so we should always respect and appreciate them. You are a real role model.
  4. Dad, I loved it when you taught me about your mistakes in life. You just wanted to make sure that I don’t waste my time making the same mistake that you did so I can move forward faster with my life.
  5. Dad, I loved it when we practiced soccer at the backyard even I was so young. It was one of the earliest memories of us that I can recall. Because of that, I felt that I had some extra training and techniques ahead of everybody else.
  6. Dad, I loved it when you let me play ‘Believe me’ by Fort Minor so many times in the car because I just can’t get sick of it.
  7. Dad, I loved it when you let me eat Japanese food and Thai food until I threw up because I was so full but still wanted to eat. It taught me that I should eat just until I feel comfortably full and showed me how I would end up if I don’t control my desire for food.
  8. Dad, I loved it when you brought mom and me overseas during the holidays. You always make sure that our family have the perfect holidays we deserve.
  9. Dad, I loved it when we went out for a dinner and you always knew what I wanted to eat.
  10. Dad, I loved it when you bought me some undies because you know that I wouldn’t want to spend money buying new undies and keep wearing the old ones.


We don’t spend time together that much anymore since I came to Melbourne but it taught me to be more independent and responsible and I’m glad that I came here.


Me coming here also gives you more time to work, do what you love and spend more time with mom. However, it must be really hard having your only child left. But it also shows me that no matter what happens or how many arguments you and mom might have, you two still won’t leave each other because it’s only you two in the house now. You two can share the love in the house instead of putting it all at me from both sides.


It also must be hard seeing your little boy growing up and walking away from you slowly to start his own life. Although the duty of the father can never finish since the day his son was born, you have done more than enough for me that no amount of money or effort from me can ever repay.


You can now start living your life happily without worrying about me. You deserve to be happy.


There might be something that I disagree with you but it’s just because I chose to become who I am today and there is nothing you could have done about it. I still respect and appreciate everything you’ve taught me.


Time is moving really fast. I’m now an adult and you just turned a year older. I just really wish you stay and watch me achieve what I want from life as long as possible.


I’m in a very very busy period of my life but I’m glad that I made some time and took a chance to write this to you and that you get a chance to read it.





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