The Benefits of Bamboo And What It Means For You

Chucking on a fresh pair of undies in the morning is second nature to all of us.
It’s part of our daily routine, and purchasing underwear seems nothing more than a necessity for everyday life. But most of us don’t give much thought to what makes a quality pair of undies.

While cotton is the popular, affordable choice, by no means is it the best.

For instance, did you know the production of cotton requires a high volume of water and large amounts of land? Did you know about the excessive amounts of pesticide required to sustain an acceptable level of quality mens underwear?

It’s not uncommon for any of us to dismiss our underwear as ‘something we just have to buy.’ But as the world becomes greener and the dawn of the digital age allows us to make more informed, conscious decisions, more and more people are turning the natural wonders of bamboo fabric.

But what exactly makes bamboo so wonderful? It’s an environmentally sustainable resource that performs well in the heat and is silky soft to on your body; and that’s just the start.

Un-like the crusty pair of underwear you put on this morning, today we’re going to freshen up your perspective on bamboo underwear. We’ve broken down the 2 major benefits of bamboo produced underwear and explain why it matters when it comes to buying undies.

1. Strength in Versatility

Bamboo is the cashmere of the cotton world. Remarkably soft and luxurious, bamboo underwear has anti-static properties that sits gently on the skin. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, choosing a pair of undies comes down to comfort.

One of the unique properties of bamboo fabric technology is it’s thermo-control capabilities. This means it’s as naturally breathable as your standard pair of cotton underwear, with the additional comfort of warmth during the colder months.

When the blistering Aussie heat starts to gear up towards the blissful summer months, the excellent wicking properties in bamboo undies help pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate.

This means bamboo undies last longer and have far less health implications than your regular pair of underwear.

Another special intrinsic quality of bamboo underwear are its anti-bacterial properties, meaning it helps to fight off bad odours, leaving your underwear fresher for longer.

While for those with sensitive skin or allergies, you can rest assured that bamboo underwear is produced free of harmful pesticides that can cause irritation.

When it comes to down the line, bamboo undies are a luxurious, hassle-free and beautifully versatile choice that will last all year round and are made to respect your body.

2. The Choice of Champions

As we said earlier, the big underwear brands generally mass-produce cotton underwear that can be damaging for their surrounding environments.

Bamboo production is a little bit different...

• It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world and replenishes itself within a year, producing the same yield as cotton from just 10% of the land area needed. 

• Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and requires no fertilisers to boost growth. Even better, bamboo is harvested by cutting the stems, not uprooting the plants. Meaning it’s gentle on soil and generates far less waste than cotton production. 

• Little water is needed to allow the bamboo to grow, and you’ll be pleased to hear that bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable. 

You can rest easy knowing that bamboo is sustainable and produced ethically. It’s easy for us to forget how the products we buy are made, but increasingly the source and production of everything we purchase is becoming more and more important.

So what does this all mean? Well, for starters it means that bamboo undies are perfect for the Aussie climate and bear all the benefits of cotton undies, just with far more bang for your buck. 

Unlike your ordinary pair of cotton underwear, bamboo undies take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to making informed, environmentally sustainable decisions. 

Undies might not be that important when it comes to your shopping list, but buying a pair of bamboo fibre underwear is a decision that helps not only to benefit you, but the environment, too. 
That’s why we’re passionate about providing the highest quality, naturally beneficial bamboo fabrics that make our range of men’s underwear the perfect fit for the life of a gentleman. 

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