Many GENT's Ask: Whats the difference, Briefs or Trunks?

We all want what’s best for the family jewels, and sometimes that means doing some research. Luckily we’ve done that bit for you, so you can rest easy.

Too many options, I just want undies!
Most men don’t buy underwear, they get them as gifts from either their partner or parents on Birthday’s or Christmas, but how do they know what to buy? More often than not we are merely creatures of habit, and just stick to what we know without actually research what better alternatives are out there. Do you want support or breathability? Is it comfort you’re looking for or functionality? Are you looking to proudly display the brand, or hiding the waistband? Every man is different, and different brands make us feel different – there is an emotional connection to what we wear and how we feel, but generally we don’t think about our fertility when getting dressed each morning. Yep, what you wear underneath can affect the viability of your swimmers.

  1. Briefs – Regulating body temperature
    Dr Amos Grunebaum, the director of Maternal-Fetal medicine at New York Hospital, says that your testes are located outside of your body because their temperature needs to be kept lower than the rest of your body’s. While Briefs provide comfort and support, not all undies are made equal and they might trap the heat in that area. Not good for your health or hygiene.


  1. Boxers – Letting things hang loose
    In the other corner we have Boxers which don’t provide any meaningful support but do allow for your crotch to air and your mini-you production to go along at a healthy rate. Boxers have long been the choice of many athletes who do a lot of running around because, as previously mentioned they provide your crotch with breathability, as well as reducing chaffing which we all know can cause some silly walks. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a pair of these crotch vents and you happen to sit at a weird angle or lift your leg too high you may just give those around you an interesting show.

    3. Boxer Brief – Functional comfort

    Who would have thought there could be so many designs and styles of underwear, yet the boxer brief is everything I’ve ever wanted from a pair of underwear. They provide the support we desire whilst being simultaneously breathable and stylish. If you’re shaped anything like this blogger, you’ll find relief in the smoothness between your thighs now, instead of sheering away layers of leg skin with each step. Combine this design with a breathable, stretchy and durable material like bamboo and you’ve given your balls the thing they need most in a home: Functional Comfort.

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