How to spend a small marketing budget effectively

Google and Facebook have been around for a very long time now, but what most people don’t recognise is that they themselves are in the business of making money. They are both billion dollar international corporations which are engrained in society’s everyday lives. What most small businesses don’t understand is that they can spend an unnecessary amount of money on these platforms, with little ROI if not done well.


Have you ever wondered why some days you scroll through your Facebook feed and think to yourself “This is crap, I’m wasting my time, I should delete Facebook” only to change your mind just a few days later because now you feel like you are up to date with everything that’s going on in your friends’ worlds? Every minute of every day Facebook is updating its algorithms to find that perfect equilibrium between

A) Taking the most money off businesses (in the form of advertising)

B) Giving their customers a good User Experience


In 2016 every marketing strategy must include social media in some form; how to distribute it amongst the growing number of platforms is the million-dollar question. This is how we are currently spending our budget - These numbers are accurate on the day of publication and are subject to change.

60% Instagram – Beauty and fashion work well visually on Instagram, and you can reach many people fast, in a native environment, when you use product placement effectively. It is a space to build brand awareness and story tell well enough for people to then click through to your website.

30% Snapchat – Value for money. Geo-Filters for Father’s Day breakfasts and lunches are much more engaging AND cheaper than a Facebook sponsored post or god forbid a banner ad.

10% Facebook – Everyone is on Facebook~, so we need to have some representation when people are more likely to search for us on Facebook than Google~. Users know and expect there to be images, videos and a link to our website from the Facebook page, so we will meet those expectations.

0% Google – People are more likely to Google search a website from a desktop than a mobile~. People will learn to love our brand through social media, then they MAY go to a desktop to make the final transaction after mentally already having made the purchase decision.   


Money is hard to earn, and very easy to spend. So every dollar must be spent wisely, especially as a small business starting out. We are always looking to keep up to date with the latest trends, and currently actively seeking investors. Whether that be in the form of a Kickstarter campaign, or an Angel Investor, that is yet to be finalised, but it is required for rapid growth. Business expansion is looking better by the day. 



~ generalisations and/or opinions

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