How Often Should Men Buy New Underwear?

You wouldn’t think there would be a lot to learn about underwear.

Wear it – change it – wash it – repeat…

Well I thought so too, but apparently there is actually more to it than that. We men differ in style, you may choose boxers, briefs or even like to hang loose but the reality is, we don’t generally spend much time thinking about underwear. Take this for instance; How often do you throw out old underwear? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, but research suggests that we are more likely to wait for someone else to do it for us than do it ourselves. Now I understand that going shopping for new jocks probably doesn’t top the list of fun activities to do in your spare time, but should you have to wait for your significant other to be so disgusted she can’t bare to even wash them anymore?

Answer the following yes/no questions:

-       Do you do the “Sniff Test” to see if you can wear the undies again?

-       Do you do more than 1 load of washing per week?

-       Are there any stains on the underwear currently in your drawer?

-       Do you have underwear in your drawer more than 1 year old?

-       Do you ever wear underwear for more than 1 day?

-       Do you have a sentimental attachment to any pair of underwear?

If you answered Yes to more than 1 of the above, you might need to go shopping.

When it comes to underwear, the more you have the more evenly you will distribute the wear and the longer they will last. Well, theoretically anyway. Most of the time we only wear the pair that is sitting on the top of the pile which means we usually only wear 4 or 5 pairs (unless you have to do your own washing, then you might get multiple wears before each wash which is sad, but true). Think of it this way, every time you get a haircut, get a new pair of underwear. Cleanliness is, after all, next to Godliness as the old adage goes.

Well renowned scientist and originator of everyone’s favourite “We’ve got a badass over here” meme Neil DeGrasse Tyson once pointed out that the crotch area is among the most poorly designed parts of our body. It’s essentially the equivalent of having Disneyland next to a Sewage farm. And we reckon it’s our duty as men to keep that Amusement Park as clean as possible for all visitors, and what better way to do that than to wear a pair of undies made from organic, breathable material which helps promotes good hygiene? It’s honestly the difference between getting kicked out of the lady’s apartment, and doing the walk of “shame” the next morning.

It’s time to start dressing like a Gent, both over and under.

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