How is GENT different?

In fashion, you must differentiate. Stand out from the crowd. We don't use famous models or catwalks, but this is how we are different:

  • Our fabrics are unique and sustainable
  • We pack every order by hand
  • You receive a hand written personal letter inside every box
  • If there is ever a problem, we will call you to resolve it
  • We have a “People only” policy. That means, no automated response emails, no “press 3 for customer service” and no “Bots” on our Instagram account.
  • Our profits are reinvested into the community with BeyondBlue and Men’s Health
  • We are a forward thinking modern business passionate about change


The down side of becoming a large multinational organisation is that you lose this contact with your clientele because there is no figure next to “positive word of mouth” on a spreadsheet, which isn’t good for shareholders. We guarantee to keep your experience as personal as we can, we want to build relationships, not a data base. It’s astonishing how almost every single underwear label uses the same method of 95% cotton 5% elastane.

It is widely joked that a $50 pair of Tommy Hilfiger’s at David Jones probably comes out of the same factory as the $15 pack of 7 Rio at Big W. So what have these big businesses done to innovate in recent years?

This takes us back to the negatives of corporate business. It’s much harder to steer a big ship then it is a jet ski. There are new and better fabrics available, better packaging options, contemporary business practises and more authentic Corporate Social Responsibility. According to THIS ARTICLE, 91% of Millennials globally would switch brands to one associated with a cause, and “Are prepared to make personal sacrifices to make an impact on issues they care about, whether that’s paying more for a product, sharing products rather than buying, or taking a pay cut to work at a responsible company”

Large fashion businesses are spending all their time and resources on huge marketing budgets (notably Tradie and The Honeybadger) and administrative costs and we are here to change the game. We don’t have big budgets and we don’t need them. We aim to use the power of the people, encourage our community to spread our messages; but only if they believe in us and our values. If you haven’t heard of the benefits of bamboo yet, we suggest you educate yourself. Socks are where most people start, because feet sweat and bamboo absorbs. Also, bamboo bed sheets are life changing, but we aren’t biased at all…

People have built strong connections with brands including Bonds, Peter Alexander, Calvin Klein, Politix, Tradie, Alpha, Mosmann, AussieBum, the list goes on. What we want to know is, what is your favourite label and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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