Eco-Friendly Mens Underwear: GENT - June Updates

Sustainable Underwear Options

We have been making plenty of progress over the past couple of weeks which has been really motivating; inspiring us to chase goals we previously thought were un-achievable. Like every business, Gent just started as an idea, ludicrous to some and obvious to others, the message was simple - "An eco-friendly fashionable option for men’s underwear". Every young professional around the globe knows that collectively we have to change our ways of thinking to solve the environmental issues we face - whether we make those changes is up to us. Once popularity has increased and the price gone down, we are happy to adapt to the new “norm”, but by then there is an updated more efficient way – and the cycle continues. Slow fashion is trending, but we believe there will be a transition into more organic and sustainable clothing material sources before we move away from traditional manufacturing processes.


Buyer behaviour

We live in a visual world where colour, style and sophistication are part of the decision making process, as well as price and perception. We are incorporating all of these traits into our business as we approach the difficult stage of trying to get people to engage with our online content. This is much easier to do than physically reaching into your pocket and paying for a gift box, yet you won’t have the opportunity to see GENT on Facebook without people interacting on Facebook (Like, Comment, Share) with the brand – that’s their algorithm works.  Our Target Audience know that they have to actively change their way of living in order to see the healthy birth of their grandchildren into the world as we know it, and liking a social media post isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a start. Then it is up to us to be honest, source sustainable materials, pay ethical wages and stay relevant and contemporary to our customers. 




Battling linguistic barriers with average Photoshop skills has been a challenging process, but hopefully the final adjustments are being made and we will have manufacturing underway by the end of this month.

As for the website, we have had some technical difficulties adapting its compatibility cross device, but with a bit of luck we should have our landing page and email subscription active by next week. As for full scale access to the website, or to get in touch, follow us on Instagram as pre-sales draw nearer. Gent_Underwear





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    I like the enviro feel you got going, but I think it needs some improvement

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